Flex sample apps using the Google App Engine (image links to home).
Flex Mate MVC Demo Aplication

Online demos

Application Features to try - Sudoku

  • * Enable Disable Tooltips
  • * Save/Retrieve game
  • * Cell highlighting when incorrect values entered
  • * Solve Game (via call to Http Service hosted on the Google App Server)

Application Features to try - MVC Demo

  • * Start Timer - View Model Updates
  • * Click a Change Color Button - View Model Updates

Raison D'etre

This site was created by Brendan Campbell to illustrate the use of Flex in conjunction with the Google App Engine. I am an experienced application developer and have built legacy mainframe, client server, and web database applications used in various business sectors. My current focus in on the development of RIA applications. I am specifically interested in the Flex technology as it supports cross platform RIA development - Flex applications can be deployed on almost any existing PC or workstation.